Upcoming Meet & Greets: Lake Forest -Sept 28 Burbank- Oct 5 Long Beach - Oct 12

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those who participate in an open relationship that allows sexual freedom with other couples or single individuals.  It is not all about sex, but rather it is about the deeper connection we share  with others that offer a deeper pleasure within the physical aspects of open and consensual relationship.

Deeper Connections

a connection with someone that allows a person to feel safe to open up all levels of arousal for pleasurable stimulation without fear of rejection or judgement.  This is not so much of a romantic connection, rather an emotional connection that communicate pleasure on a higher level.

Deeper Pleasure

a pleasure that is felt on all levels of ones being: physically, emotionally and spiritually (oneness).  A pleasure that can be experienced on a higher level, openly within emotional secure connection with another.

Meet and Greets - Free Events

Crystal View Lounge - Burbank Holiday Inn

Meets on the 1st a Friday of the month

With great views of the San Fernando from the 18th floor, the Crystal View Lounge offers a cozy and intimate setting with a great view of the San Fernando Valley, perfect for connecting with other couples and single individuals, 

Address 150 E Angeleno Ave, Burbank, CA 91502 

Tamarindo's Margarita Bar & Cantina - Long Beach Marriot Hotel

Meets on the 2nd Friday of every month

A place with great Mexican food and even better drinks to be had. Tamarindo's is located just inside the Long Beach Marriot Hotel.  The Cantina offers a casual and intimate setting with indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for meeting other like minded individuals. 

Address  4700 Airport Plaza Dr Long Beach, CA 90815 

The Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest

Meets on the 4th Friday of the month

The Rush Bar and Grill offers great food, strong drinks and live entertainment for dancing. A perfect setting to connect with other couples and single individuals in a fun and open environment.

Address  23532 El Toro Rd #24, Lake Forest, CA 92630 


Meet and Greets are open to all.  House parties are private invite only events.

No upcoming events.

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Message us if you want to know more about the Lifestyle, where the best parties, clubs and events are to meet other like minded people. 


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