SoCal Lifestyer’s Freedom Acres Resort semi-Takeover

SoCal Lifestyler‘s and their friends are taking over the party at FA Resort the weekend of June 14-16 .  we got discounts on Membership fees, Reosrt Fees and Lodging.  Come  join us for a weekend of fun and pleasure 

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Discounted Price List for SoCal Lifestyler’s

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Other Stuff to Know

What to Bring

What to bring:

  • Alcohol 
  • Food and Snacks
  • Party supplies (condoms, lube, toys etc)
  • Towels for the pool
  • Toiletries (shampo, conditioner, body wash, soap)
  • Kitchen Supplies ( paper towels, dish soap, raid for ants)
  • Money

Freedom Acres Resor and Club FA Rules

Freedom Acres / Club FA is a private membership association. No one may attend any function or come on the property without being accepted as a member of Freedom Acres. Freedom Acres Association is not open to the general public.

  1. For first timers, call for party information and directions to join the Freedom Acres Association. The purpose of this is to advise everyone exactly what to expect at Freedom Acres / Club FA and what to bring. There will be nudity and sexual activity on the premises, but we assure each person that nothing is required in our club but courtesy.
  2. All joint memberships are memberships with the partners that signed the original application. Members may only come to Freedom Acres / Club FA with their respective co-member.
  3. Single men are not allowed on Friday or Saturday parties, however we do allow single men on our Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday parties. Please call 909-887-8757 for more information.
  4. Single females are allowed to join Freedom Acres / Club FA any night we are open and must fill out an application and pay the membership fees.
  5. Heavy drinking is discouraged; remember, no one is comfortable around a drunk. Also guys, drinking inhibits stiff plumbing.
  6. As a courtesy to our newer guests, please do not engage in heavy sexual activities in the nightclub area. We have provided many fantasy areas for the more serious sexual activities.
  7. Drinks, food, and gum are permitted in the nightclub, patio, lounge and sports lounge areas only.
  8. Only couples and single women are allowed in the bedroom areas; when in the bedroom area stay visibly close to your partner so as not to give the appearance of being in the bedroom alone.
  9. NO DRUGS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS, including club or parking lot. ANY VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP! Special note: Despite legalization, 420 is NOT permitted on the property.
  10. Cameras or video equipment are not permitted on the property.
  11. Out of respect for other members, domestic quarrels are asked to be taken home.
  12. Any conduct requiring an apology is grounds for expulsion.
  13. For problems or questions of any kind, please feel free to refer to a staff member.
  14. Staff members are volunteers and members of the club, not servants; please be polite.
  15. Both members must leave together; when one leaves the other must also go.
  16. Phone use in the club is not permitted inside the club, please use cell phones in the smoking patio or out front.
  17. There is no smoking in any Freedom Acres / Club FA building including the game room.  There is a smoking patio available.
  18. Did we mention the dress code? Seriously though, the ladies love to dress up for the night. Gentlemen, keep it classy and nice with a collared shirt. No wife-beater, t-shirts (other than club and graphic tees), flip-flops, gang or thug attire or sweat suits. Remember WHO you are dressing to impress – it’s all about the ladies! Please review our full dress code here.
  19. Last but not least, NO means NO. FA is all about fun, a relaxed atmosphere and respect. The ladies appreciate knowing they have a choice at all times.

Single MEN

Because Freedom Acres / Club FA is for couples and single ladies on Friday and Saturday nights, we would like to direct any single men interested in the lifestyle to either of these three great parties at our building:

  • Wednesdays – 8pm to 2am
  • Sundays – 5pm to 12am with our famous after hours orgy party from 10pm to midnight

Single WOMEN

Single women are allowed at all times, so please come join us 

Freedom Acres Resort Info

For More Info - Please Contac FA Resort


Freedom Acres Resort

1924 Glen Helen Road, San Bernardino, California 92407, United States


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