Burbank Meet and Greet - 1st Friday of the Month

The Venue

We meet in the Crystal View Lounge up on the 18th floor at the Burbank Media Center Holiday Inn.  The Lounge offers a stunning view of the San Fernado Valley at sunset as well as the city lights at night.  we have an awesome bartender who treats our group right and makes the best drinks in town.  The lounge also offers a selection of eats that Includes: salads, sandwiche, pasta dishes and hamburgers.  You have your choice of socializing with our group, sit at one of the many lounge tables and get to know another couple one on one or just sit at the bar and people watch.

Address:  150 East Angeleno, Burbank.

The People

The Burbank Meet and Greet attracts Lifestylers of various levels of experiences from seasoned veterans to those just getting their feet  wet in the lifesrtyle.  We have had couples, single females and males come from as far away as Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Ventura, Lancaster, California City, Temecula as well as locals from the Sam Fernando and Los Angeles areas.  

What to expect.

The event is Free, it’s a public lounge and we have to behave to a degree since we are in a vanilla (non lifestyl) venue.  Our motto is: it’s not about the sex in the lifestyle, but about the connecations and the friends we make that add a deeper pleasure to the overall lifestyle experience.  That is what the meet and greets are all about, but there have been times when someone gets a room or a suite for after party play... just have to find them.